At Bear Music Management we understand that the needs and goals of every artist are different. That is why we offer a personalised approach to each of our clients in order to help them achieve their aspirations. We exclusively only work with artists who have music we love and believe we can create a successful career for.

So what do we offer ?


- Finding and booking events / venues that match the artists career strategy.


- Consulting and co-ordinating radio, publicity and streaming placement strategies.


- Creating an effective electronic press kit.


- Negotiating and securing contracts with record labels, publishers, booking agents and promoters.


- Assisting with the management of the social media brand, creating a professional and consistent plan.


- Advice and guidance on brand targeting including location and consumer targeting.


- Creative guidance and advice when required for photoshoots and video shoots.


- Building and maintaining relationships with key contacts such as media promoters, producers, A&R, radio presenters, radio producers, booking agents and social media influences.